Food Transfer during Camera Change

This morning Falco brought food for Perenelle as Cam2 switched from night to day. So if you haven’t stopped by to see the falcons early in the morning, you can see how the camera switches from black and white with infrared lighting back to day mode. In order to see the mode change well, the …

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Breeding Behavior

In order to ensure an even incubation of the eggs, the eggs are turned at regular intervals and also the falcon (here: Perenelle) changes its incubation position.   Views: 565


This morning they had some discussions before Falco could take over. Was it because he left the nest box around 7 a.m. without waiting for her return? Between 11 a.m. and noon Falco came twice to take over but he didn’t seem to be welcome. At 1:30 p.m. Perenelle finally accepted.  Views: 681

Spring Cleaning?

Today, shortly before lunch time Perenelle starts some activities. But what is she doing? Is she cleaning up and sorting out feathers and pebbles? Or is she chasing bugs? She devotionally takes care of the “rearmost corner” of the nest box.   Views: 643